Friday, July 26, 2013

Family Reunion Part 2

We didn't just swim and soak up sun on our trip. We had lots of activities, games, and good food. Each family took a turn cooking dinner, it worked out great! And Grandma and Grandpa planned lots of games for the kids, complete with prizes like sand toys, coloring books and sunglasses!

Natalie and Brooke are little peas in a pod, they even look a lot alike. They worked for days to put on a play for us. Natalie wanted to do it on the life cycle of a crab, but it evolved into a story of a crab who meets a lot of ocean friends. It was pretty cute. Act one went over so well, they made an Act two. They wanted to make even more acts, but we had to stop somewhere. 

The cast and crew

Natalie was the narrator; look how focused she is.

There was a night of "Just Dance." Our family had never played before. Natalie loved it so much she used her birthday money to buy one of the games when we got back home! She says she wants to beat Brooke next time they play.

Even Kai and Nicole loved it. Party!

Grandma getting her snuggles with baby Sam. He's so cute, who could resist that smile and awesome hair?!

 We went to Ripley's aquarium, it was really well done and a lot of fun. They had lots of cool stuff to see and the kids got to touch huge horseshoe crabs.

We also ventured out for a round of Mini Golf. Apparently, that's what you do in South Carolina; golf! 
There were golf courses everywhere and even more mini golf. And not just any mini golf, these places were crazy over the top: waterfalls, bridges, caves, and large sea creatures. It was hard to choose one, they all have some fierce competition with each other. These aren't like Trafalga, that's for sure!  It sounded fun, and was ok, but SO hot!! The caves were sweat traps and miserable. I think we were all glad when we finally made it through. 

Thanks for the glasses, grandma and grandpa!

(Thanks again to the whole family for contributing pictures!)

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